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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Joey Atlas Scam - Anti-cellulite massage brush

Joey Atlas Scam - Anti-cellulite massage brush
Joey Atlas Scam - Anti-cellulite massage brush
Cellulite dough - Take the honey and apple cider vinegar in equal proportions, knead of them on wheat flour dough. After 2 hours do wrap test the next day those same places enveloping low-fat cottage cheese, and again - for 2 hours under a warm blanket, do this procedure before an improvement.  secret tips revealed here

Note: 100% result is guaranteed! Anti-cellulite massage brush - To skin look perfect, whenever necessary, during the shower vigorous circular movements to massage problem areas (thighs, stomach, buttocks, back) with a brush with stiff bristles. If every day to organize this complex, the cellulite will leave you forever! Vacuum massage - To perform this procedure, you need a special bowl (cup of the bank) for a massage and natural honey. First, you should be good to steam in the bath (or bath), then take in the palm honey and carefully rub in a circular motion on the problem areas of the body.

Then take a bowl and make a vacuum massage as follows: press down in a circular motion to the body edge bowls. How the correct response is: while pressing the air is pushed out of the bowls, and the body is slightly drawn. Periodically detach from the body of a bowl, and then circular motion. This procedure should be done at least twice a week. In general, the duration of the massage you have to adjust, depending on the specific features of your body.

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