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Friday, 11 October 2013

Feeding your young child

Feeding your young child
Feeding your young child
Compare if this bit is filled the cup and / or sagging relative to each other. If your baby refuses one of the cup Breastfeed in a quiet and with few noises (especially at 9 months of a child's life when it identifies various clusters of interest); Put your child in contact with skin to skin whenever possible (kangaroo care); Breastfeed whenever your baby shows hunger (in free time);

Put the baby to suckle at the position as if you were feeding him breast the baby prefers. If you need / want to increase milk production: Suckle more often for several days; Increase your fluid intake; Also suckle overnight (the release of the hormone pro lactic (which leads to the production of milk) is higher during the night); Remove the milk, where it is not the baby. If your child is gaining weight, is certainly the food in sufficient quantity. Encourage. "The pincer is essential for writing," advises Julia.

• From 14 months your little one already has the capacity to identify the parts of the body. Tap your fingers and say:

"Fingers." Then ask him to put his hand on the nose, mouth, ear ... Without insisting too much to not stress the baby. "This helps the language, because it increases his vocabulary. During the process of language learning, it first clears the hearing, understanding the words, and then speaks.

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