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Friday, 23 May 2014

Distortion joint sprain

Distortion     joint sprain
Dystrophy     nutritional disorder of cell, tissue or organ (e.g. due to swelling
I) the mildest degree of damage to cells and tissues, while prolonged exposure can lead to cell death (necrosis) nets path diseases of muscle and tendon insertions generated mostly by their repeated overloading
Hyperesthesia increased sensitivity to external sensory stimuli immobility     immobility instability     instability ischemia local tissue blood supply, which leads to damage to death contracture muscle:
Pathological muscle contraction, joint: joint permanent position in a certain position and the failure of his natural agility
Labrum cartilaginous rim extending well the shoulder joint
Morgues disease, illness
Necrosis   Rupture
 Rupture, fissure scuba criminal     under the accordion sublimation incomplete dislocation (joint surfaces are still partially touching)
Symptom menology set of symptoms (symptoms)
Tendon tendinitis inflammatory disease of the tendon
Tendon disease (usually arises from overload due micro traumas, poor circulation, etc.) Tropic related to nutrition and growth of tissues
-Its Tip characterizing inflammation
-Pithy ending indicating disease

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