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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas - Causes of cellulite

Causes of cellulite
Causes of cellulite
Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite Review- Why is cellulite and who have a chance. The occurrence of cellulite in women is often caused by age approaching 14 years of age, it will be more.

Cellulite is often found in people who used oral contraceptives. Or postpartum hormone levels because the body has a high estrogen. Men usually do not happen because men's skin is thicker and deeper than the fat man to a woman. Usually the result follows.

* Food and fast food that's fried to a toxin such as alcohol, fat, sugar, eating too many of these, if the body cannot get rid of it accumulate.
 * Nicotine in cigarette smoke makes the arteries narrower. Not enough blood supply to fat cells and an uninterrupted break.
* Poor blood circulation, due to lack of exercise.
* Congenital;
* Drink less water helps the body remove toxins from the body should be drinking at least seven glasses;
* Lack of exercise. Exercise will help your muscles become strongerand increase the flow of blood circulation, lymph;
* Bad due to lack of exercise or drinking too little water;
* Hormonal changes in the body. Jane at the Escorial too many walls unhealthy fat;some fat can be molded to the skin causing a lump under the skin. We often find cellulite after pregnancy in humans or someone who used oral contraceptives;
* Fat cells of women are larger than that of men. When the wall is not strong; Fat is pushed to the skin.For more info go to, Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas."


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