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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite -Slim beauty is cellulite

Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas - Slim beauty is cellulite - couples who want pretty skin without cellulite, listen to this, because we have some ways to say goodbye to cellulite get together;
*Why women have cellulite. Because women have cellulite because their connective tissue of women; Flexible than that of men;it also creates a natural tissue of women with pregnancy However, cellulite can also make a woman look beautiful because it is beautiful. As a rough surface like orange;

Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite
Joey atlas Truth about Cellulite
* Cellulite is genetic or not. Although now you have cellulite, not so much; But I see your thighs, for example. If you have cellulite, then;it is possible that you have cellulite, 80% in the future if you do not find a way to protect from this.
*old was active with cellulite. . Much older; Muscle is reduced. This will make more fat cells expand. Opportunity to accrue a body of cellulite;if you do not have the problem of cellulite while a young age; But in the future I might be able to cellulite is.
*Role of hormones with cellulite; hormone produced when fat cells to estrogen. Which a woman's hormones; the hormone estrogen in birth control pills;the amount of estrogen and may cause increased cellulite. You should consult an obstetrician - gynecologist about contraception methods to avoid estrogen the estrogen.
*Bath salt or seaweed; bath salt and seaweed extract. Can help reduce cellulite; But it must be done regularly. The seaweed is useful in helping to burn fat. The bath salt;be very effective if cellulite is caused by trapped water. For more info go to, Truth about Cellulite by Joey Atlas."

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